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Seasonal Updates

Seasonal updates and helpful hints from Salt Farm Flowers.

Getting Ready for Winter

By Thanksgiving, our goal is to have the flower farm tucked in for the winter. Since we are located in coastal Maine, our hard frost generally arrives anywhere from mid October to the beginning of November. But by early fall, many of the summer bloomers have started to fade and the cutting back process begins.

Over a few weeks time, all the annuals get cut back and the landscape fabric and drip hose are rolled up and stored in the barn. Compost is then added to the row to amend the soil for the next year. If the weather is warm enough, a cover crop may be planted. Improving the soil is key to keeping next year's plants healthy and happy.

Besides tending to the soil, we also dig up the dahlias, divide and wrap the tubers for winter storage. So while it might seem that we are closed, we are actually very busy behind the scenes. Next year's planning begins even before the season is over. Seeds have already been ordered. New lisianthus plugs and some additional varieties of dahlia tubers will be arriving by late spring. Soon plans will be drawn for our seed planting schedule and layout.

We are working hard all year to introduce more flowers into our community.

"The fairest thing in nature, a flower, still has its roots in earth and manure." -D.H. Lawrence